Mastering the Pump Technique

Try these 10 tweaks to make pumping easier and more effective.

Prefer to print and read? Download the PDF here

  1. Use more water-based lubricant on the opening of the VED than you think you need to. This is will help create a tighter seal.

  2. Leave a deep breaths worth of time between each ‘pump’. This avoids pain or discomfort and gives blood time to enter the penis = better results.

  3. Trim or shave your pubic hair (yes, really!). This can help create a better seal between the device and the body (ie. no air can escape).

  4. Look sideways in a mirror as you pump. You’ll see progress better than looking down.

  5. If the cylinder fogs up, shake the penis against the cylinder (make sure there is water-based lubricant on the penis so it does not stick to the side). Need more lube? I recommend this particular lubricant for creating a good seal. One of my clients discovered this lubricant and loves it because it’s low cost and didn’t cloud up the cylinder in the same way some others he tried.

  6. Experiment with standing vs reclining in a chair when pumping. One position may be more effective than the other

  7. Try self-stimulating/masturbating first, and then pumping. Most men report that feeling aroused beforehand leads to better physical pumping results. (of course though, you do not need to be aroused first, and you don’t want ‘masturbation’ to become ‘MUSTurbation’! Enjoy some self-pleasure if you are in an unrushed state where you can enjoy the experience).

  8. Relax and de-stress pre-pumping. Try these exercises. Clench and unclench different muscle groups. Imagine your brain unclenching like a fist. Breath deeply into your belly. Remember, stress is a physiological ‘cock blocker’.

  9. Experiment with using the pump during or after a shower to see if this makes a difference. Vasodilation from the warm water facilitates blood flow.

  10. If your doctor recommends you to do so, using a PDE5 inhibitor (viagra or cialis) can improve pumping outcome for some men (Disclaimer : please talk to your doctor first).

Are you getting frustrated with the pumping experience?

Keep these three points in mind…

  • You’ve got to nail the technique. Every VED has a teething period. It’s like learning a golf swing, or learning to ride a bike. Studies show it can take at least 4-8 separate attempts to get into pumping easily. Remember though, once you’ve got it, it’s yours for life. It is worth persevering. It will soon be an effortless 5-10 minute ritual. Keep coming back to why you are doing this - you are preserving tissue health, avoiding shrinkage, and regaining any length and girth lost while your nerves recover. Try the 10 tweaks above, if you’re still wanting the throw the thing against a wall, email Victoria:

  • Progress is gradual. At first, your erection in the cylinder may only get up to ‘half mast’. Or it may feel uncomfortable and strange (especially if you have not had an erection for some time). This is very normal. It will change over time with practice. This is a new piece of ‘gym equipment’ and your body is adjusting to the feeling.

  • If you are frustrated because the erection does not stay up after pumping. Please remember : When you take the cylinder off the opening, you will not keep the erection UNLESS the opening is tight enough to keep all the blood in your penis. It will take experimentation to find this right sized opening (the one ring to rule them all) to keep the erection up after the cylinder is removed. We have a separate module dedicated to just this.