Keeping the erection up after pumping.

The Five Principles :

  • Everyone fits a different size. This is why The Vacurect System comes with 5 different sized openings. Start with the largest ring and gradually go down one size at a time. You only need to place the glans/head into the opening and start pumping to draw the rest in (plenty of lubricant is also your friend here).

  • You will probably need an opening tighter than you think. During a spontaneous erection, the veins and arteries constrict and stop blood flowing out of the penis. you are mimicking this mechanism but with a tight band around the base of the shaft. So to do a good job, tight is right!

  • Keep all the openings. Even when you find the one that fits you best, don’t chuck the rest. Some people find the degree of constriction they need changes over time.

  • Expect a different flavour of erection. The mechanism for creating and keeping an erection using any vacuum device plus ring system is different to a spontaneous erection, so the results are different too. You might find the erection is a lot more engorged than previously because a lot of venous and arterial blood is drawn in. It might have a purplish tinge due to the presence of non-oxygenated venous blood. You might also experience an erection that is engorged, but not stiff (see question below for more information)

  • 30 MINUTES MAX! This is the only health and safety moment we will have together (apart from also not pumping too furiously- it’s not a camping mattress - take your time). It’s important that the constriction is removed after 30 minutes. During this time the oxygen from the blood drawn into the penis has circulated and needs more oxygenated blood again to return to baseline.

Most asked questions :

What do I do if the erection does not stay up? (gradually ‘deflates’ even with a tight ring on)

The first suggestion is to try a tighter ring. It might seem obvious but if you can comfortably go down a size, that’s sometimes the easiest fix.

Results may improve by combining pumping with Viagra or Cialis (if your doctor has recommended this for you as part of your rehabilitation- please always consult medical advice before proceeding with this).

In my experience talking with clients, stress levels can make a difference. Pumping when you literally feel ‘under the pump’ (sorry, I had to) does not lead to the best results. You might find a warm shower and more arousal before pumping also helps by encouraging more blood flow.

Also, make sure the opening is pushed right up against the base of the shaft before removing the device. This will help keep the erection stronger and at more of an upwards angle.

If all that still leads to that ‘deflated’ look, then please get in touch and I will find you a more suitable constriction ring. It is rare but very occasionally a different constriction ring system gets better results or an in between size works just right. I have helped clients troubleshoot this situation before successfully so please do not lose hope. Email :

The erection is more ‘stuffable’ than rigid, what can I do?

Often the erection made from pumping is engorged, but not ‘stiff’, especially at the root of the penis (this is termed ‘The Hinge Effect’).

This is very normal, although usually bizarre at first. It happens when the device draws more ‘venous’ blood into the penis (into the veins) than deeper arterial blood. This is likely to be the case in the instance of chronic ED from nerve trauma.

Intercourse tips post-pumping: try plenty of lubricant that feels good (one designed for pleasure, like Uberlube). It is also recommended to 'guide' the erection in with a hand and to not thrust too vigorously to avoid slip-outs. Having your partner 'on top' is often a preferred position for extra control.

How do I get the ring off?

It’s a scary thing to think you might not be able to get a tight ring on let alone off the crown jewels. But do not fear, there is a simple system.

  1. Squeeze the erection to encourage blood to flow back into the body.

  2. Lift the opening up at one side / pull the opening to the side slightly.

  3. Take a warm shower if you find the two tricks above are not doing the full job.

    Remember to only leave the ring on for 30 minutes. Your body needs to reinstate oxygenated blood flow after this time.

Can I use the pump with injections?

Yes you absolutely can, and the two can produce a great result together when you find the right formula. Using the VED beforehand may help reduce pain from injections by keeping the tissue stretched and supple. Using the VED afterwards can draw more blood into the erection. If you currently use injections but find your get a ‘7/10’, then using a VED with a tighter opening might take you to a 10/10.

Can I use this with PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra/Cialis)?

Yes, in fact a few studies highly recommend it for best results. We have a separate guide for best results. Medical disclaimer time, please always seek professional medical advice before attempting this path.

I find that one opening is right for getting a good seal for pumping but not for maintaining the erection, the next smaller size is quite uncomfortable and difficult to use but it is good at keeping things hard… is there an in between size?

Yes there usually is, and I can help you source this in between size. What you need to do is email me (Victoria : with the size of the larger ring and the too-tight ring (there are engraved numbers on the silicone surface). The cost of an extra ring is $22 including shipping within Australia (please ask for a separate quote for NZ).