Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions were written by Victoria Cullen, owner of 'a Touchy Subject' on September 6th 2018. 

Our Terms and Conditions intend to give you a clear idea over the rules while using this website : www.atouchysubject.com

We will update this page at regular intervals.

Site Content : This website is designed for men and their partners who have been through prostate cancer surgery (radical prostatectomy) and now are dealing with the physical and sexual health related ramifications. There are three core physical products on this website that may be purchased for three specific problems many men face after surgery. The product descriptions are unique and intended to be clear and in easy to understand language. The products themselves are not manufactured or designed by 'A Touchy Subject'. They are purchased through a third party and manufactured by separate brands. These are the best possible products we know of at this time for these three problems. Each product has it's own warranty system, described in Returns Policy

Use of Content : The product descriptions are unique with A Touchy Subject voice and contain quotes from real customers and clients of sexual recovery specialist, Victoria Cullen. None of this work is permitted to be re-purposed or copied. That is stealing. The products purchased come with free video-based training that is email delivered. These videos are unlinked videos hosted on YouTube. They are only accessible to A Touchy Subject customers. If customers would like to forward any of these emails to friends because they feel it would help their friends, we permit this behaviour. We are all about sharing knowledge to prevent suffering and facilitate learning. However, we do not allow the video content to be downloaded or removed from the link sent in the email. This is in order to preserve the originality of the work. Years of hard work have been poured into creating A Touchy Subject and we ask for this to be respected. It must be clear that the video and written content is exclusive to A Touchy Subject. 

Conditions of Sale : Customers at this time (September 2018) may purchase products via online checkout through A Touchy Subject, We use Stripe payment processing. We accept all major credit and debit cards. For more information relating to how Stripe manages your payment information please read our Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to use online checkout we are able to organise an invoice, bank transfer and receipt. Please email victoria@victoriacullen.com to arrange this process.

Shipping and Delivery : Once a sale is processed online (this happens in a matter of seconds), A Touchy Subject will be alerted and your product will be shipped from one of our wholesalers. A Touchy Subject does not hold any physical stock, instead we purchase products through three separate niche Australian retail wholesalers. We alert them of your order and they package and post the product to you on the next business day. We do this in order to ensure the quality and consistency of your products. We also worked out that this cuts down our costs of storing products, this has allowed us to charge less and save you money. 

Modification : We are constantly learning, iterating and improving (and encourage the whole world to do the same!), therefore possible updates or modifications to our Terms and Conditions and the content of the website is possible at anytime. Changes in price structure will be promptly notified to customers via email and on this website.

Governing Law : We must all abide to Federal and State law. A Touchy Subject is located in the state of Victoria, Australia.

Online Conduct : When it comes to conduct and communication with A Touchy Subject, we come back to our core values in sex, relationships and life : respect and compassion. We will approach all communication with you with the intention of understanding you and responding from a place of deep respect, we ask you to do the same in return. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. If A Touchy Subject has caused you grievance you in any way we invite you into a conversation so we can learn together.

Purchase Errors : 

Third Party Request For Information : We do not sell your data or personal information. We are not Internet pirates. 

Trademarks and Copyrights : Some of the photography on this website has been purchased from Stockphoto Internet website, or it has been found on wonderful free for use photography websites such as Unsplash.com (very beautiful photos!)

Other photographs have been taken by A Touchy Subject and owned by them. Please do not use any photography from this website or ask for permission before doing so. 

In fact, all the content of this website (it should go without saying) is copyright. So please, just make your own, or get in touch if there is content you want to use.