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Vacurect: Vacuum Erection Device (to create erections for fun and rehabilitation)

We are pleased to report the Vacurect works. One practice session and then for real. No messing around! 1 year 10 months post operation! It is much more effective and easier to use than the pumps from the adult shop which didn’t really work for us.” (Peter and Margaret, post-prostatectomy, Melbourne)

"I found your training videos very helpful. I am glad that I purchased the pump as it, plus the Viagra, is helping me to maintain a loving relationship with my wife." (66 yrs, 3 yrs post prostatectomy)

“I must say WOW..KACHING..BINGO..YIPPEE!!!! First attempt at using the Vacurect and fantastic result straight UP! Pardon the pun haha..” (Jeff, VIC, 51yrs, 19 months post-prostatectomy)

Free Fortnightly Webinars on ED after prostate cancer treatment

"The webinar was very helpful.  All the information before my prostatectomy and since has taken time to fully comprehend, so your additional, very well presented information certainly added to my more complete understanding of what is occurring post op.” (66 yrs, 4 months post prostatectomy)

“Victoria’s webinar on ‘Rebooting erections after prostate cancer surgery’ gave my prostatectomy patients a chance to gain further detailed information about erection recovery and all it entails. Thank you Victoria for an informative evidenced based webcast” (Nurse caring for men with prostate cancer)

Many thanks for your webinar which further opened up discussion (about sex after prostate cancer). You brought a sense of humour and fun attitude to the occasion and it worked well.” (Peter and Margaret, post-prostatectomy, Melbourne)

"I found the Webinar and your enthusiasm very reassuring" (Jeff, 52 yrs, 19 months post prostatectomy)

I was alerted to Victoria's Webinar by a fellow traveller with well over a decade of "experiences". The dialogue, questions and answers and "matter of fact" presentation style were excellent and reassuring. Thank you Victoria” (John, 76 yrs, 1 month pre-prostatectomy)

"The webinar was fantastic and interesting. It highlighted the major erection issues we are facing after the operation (Prostatectomy)" (Adelaide, post-prostatectomy)