Uberlube: Silicone-based luxury lubricant for pleasure (100ml)

Uberlube: Silicone-based luxury lubricant for pleasure (100ml)


Myth Busted : Lubricant is a want, not a need.

Uberlube is a silicone-based lubricant. It is designed to feel good and last and last. It feels like liquid silk to touch. Silicone lubricant is hypoallergenic with no preservatives, this makes it a great option if you have felt a reaction to other lubricants.

Silicone lubricant is best enjoyed on it’s own. It is advised not to use silicone lubricant with silicone toys.

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Enjoy lubricant that lasts and feels like liquid silk.

If you’ve only experienced supermarket or chemist bought lubricant then it’s likely you think lube is a sticky business. A lot of easy to get lubricants are water-based and designed for function not fun. They end up sticky, tacky, drying up quickly and can leave you feeling itchy or sore.

Then, there is überlube.

Uberlube is a silicone-based lubricant. It is designed to feel good and last and last. It feels like liquid silk to touch.

We recommend this for using after pumping, or on it’s own for manual stimulation.

It’s great for women post menopause because it does not contain hormones or preservatives. Just silicone.

As one of our customer’s put it…

“Uberlube has saved my wife and I from getting sore during intercourse. it is a very sensous feeling”


  • This überlube bottle contains 100ml of pure silicone (the bottle fits in the palm of your hand).

  • The bottle is made of glass (but it will not smash if dropped).

  • Pump-bottle mechanism for easy removal in the heat of the moment.

  • You just need 2-3 pumps of the bottle to start with. A little goes a long way.


  • Long lasting formula that does not dry out or get sticky. This lubricant was designed with sex in mind. It dissipates into the air

  • It does not stain the sheets. Other brands of silicone-lubricant can be impossible to get out and have more of an oil quality, überlube is a much softer and lighter formula.

  • Enjoy sex in the shower or bath Sex in water looks easy in the movies, in reality water will wash away natural lubrication so you need a replacement to have a truly fun time. Water-based lubricants will also wash away, but überlube sticks around.

  • Helps with chafing! Many cyclists and runners use überlube to prevent chafing. Many women experiencing uncomfortable levels of vaginal dryness also ‘wear’ überlube during the day (this is common after menopause and some cancer treatments).

  • Perfect for all body massage. Have you ever wanted to move from a pleasant massage to a more sensual massage, but you weren’t sure if the massage oil you’re using is safe downstairs? überlube can be used for all body massage including the genitals.

  • Very low risk of allergic reaction. überlube only contains silicone, and silicone allergies are very rare. überlube does not contain glycerine, preservatives, hormones or spermicides.

  • Can be used with latex condoms and vaginal products like Replens. Just keep in mind, we do not recommend this lubricant for use with silicone products (such as vacuum erection device rings or openings, or silicone-based vibrators). A water-based lubricant is better for this.

As a side note, we also love überlube’s company values. Here is a quote from Stephen Magnusen, creator of überlube:

"When we created überlube, we weren’t just setting out to make a superior product that helps people enjoy sex more. We also wanted to create something that could help remove some of the stigma and taboo around sex, to open up the conversation. Ultimately, we hope people will ask questions and learn, talk and explore, and just have a better experience."


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