Why don't we research these three sexual changes...

Here are three sexual function changes I’ve had clients tell me they are experiencing that I lack the research to give them good answers for.

  1. A better orgasm after surgery. For some, the orgasm after surgery (from stimulation without erection or ejaculation) is better, longer, stronger, multiple, wizz bang fantastic. The literature exploring orgasmic experience post prostate surgery is thin on the ground. But why? Isn’t it quite remarkable that all the plumbing gets rewired but the experience of pleasure and orgasm remains, or sometimes changes into something else entirely? And one that’s not entirely bad? In my experience as a ‘sexual concierge’ of sorts to men after surgery the orgasmic experience varies. For some it takes longer to get to (enhancing stimulation with a vibrator or lubricant can help here), some experience pain after surgery (this tends to pass with time, but also needs looking into), but for others they get a sort of ‘rolling’ orgasm that goes on and on, often with greater intensity.

  2. When men have non-nerve sparring procedures but they get some spontaneous erectile response back. Sure, this isn’t the common experience, but the fact there’s been even one surely warrants investigation? Another explanation could simply be that it’s so darn hard to tell with those whisper-thin nerves what remains/goes that there were some nerves sparred but still, worth a few more questions.

  3. Masturbation as a part of penile rehabilitation. This isn’t necessarily a change after surgery but a pretty logical exercise I have a lot of clients doing as a sort of ‘well if I’m learning to walk again shouldn’t I be giving the legs a good positive self examination every day?’ It baffles me that with all the variables we check for on those questions-for-days surveys men and their partners fill out (thank you to all of you) that we don’t check for masturbation.

If anyone knows of any studies that do in fact address the three above - please - get in touch!

Victoria Cullen