Next Webinar: Jo Milios on Curved Penises/ Peyronies Disease

We need to talk about the change to penis structure after prostate cancer surgery. What is going on, should men be concerned, what can they do about it.

Join us if this is going on for you :

  • You’ve been diagnosed with Peyronies Disease (build up of plaque inside in the penis causing a dramatic bend when erect). You want to know your options (especially the non-invasive end).

  • You have noticed a slight bend or shape change since surgery. You want to know whether you should be concerned by that.

  • You work in men’s health below the belt and want to know the very latest research in case you get shown a photograph like Jo did… (join us for the full story)

Join me on : January 30th 2019, 7pm (AEDT) for 30 minutes.

I will be talking to Jo Milios, men’s health researcher (PhD) and physiotherapist with over 20 years experience in Perth, WA.

30/01/19, 7pm (AEDT), 30 minutes

(Ask questions anonymously during, and get the replay afterwards)

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Victoria Cullen