Vacuum Device Success Three-Point Checklist!

(You can also download the checklist here as a PDF if you would prefer to print it)

  1. Decide on your pumping attitude! Approach this with curiosity and perseverance, like learning to ride a bike. At first it might feel a bit fiddly and results at first might be inconsistent- this is normal- persevere and you will master the technique and it will be seamless part of your routine. Remember, you are doing this to keep the penile muscle tissue fit and healthy as well as preserving length. It’s worth putting in the work at the start for results down the line.

  2. Put two ‘pump o’clocks’ in your calendar next week. It’s very easy to put this in the too hard basket at first (no pun intended). Life will always find a way of presenting you with something more pressing to do. Scheduling the first 2-3 times you pump will help establish a routine. Put aside 30 minutes for the first go so you are unrushed. Keeping stress levels down is important for erection health, so choose a time when you will have privacy for 30 minutes.  

  3. Trim or shave your pubic hair (yes, really!). This can help create a better seal between the device and the body (ie. no air can escape). The less air escaping, the better the erection.