Sex after prostate cancer:
a female partner’s perspective.

This is a live interview with Fiona White from Wednesday 15th May 2019.

A NOTE : Fiona’s experience is from the perspective of a female partner. There are many male partners out there too who have their own unique experiences. We want to hear from you too and we are planning a future webinar to chat with a man whose husband has recently been through prostate cancer surgery.


Fiona White is 58 years old, she has been married to Alan (who you might remember from our last webinar) since 2008. She had her own cancer experience in 2014, gastric MALT lymphoma, for which she underwent radiotherapy treatment. Her husband Alan had prostate cancer surgery in 2011. She loves making jewellery (beading), gardening and is currently adjusting to another ‘new normal’: wearing braces on her teeth! She is involved in Peter Mac Cancer Centre’s Navigate project, the development of a treatment decision making tool for low risk prostate cancer (learn more about this on her and Alan’s blog here).