Exercise for ED with Thomas Harris


You will learn :

  • Why aerobic exercise impacts erections (plus what to do, and how much).

  • How one man used exercise to make viagra more effective.

  • The best way to get into an exercise regime.


Thomas Harris is a men’s health physiotherapist in Queensland, Australia. Learn more about his work here. Email him at : tom@menshealth.physio


"I found the Webinar and your enthusiasm very reassuring" 
- Jeff, Prostatectomy (19 months post)

"Your very well presented information added to my more complete understanding of what is occurring with me post op”

- 66 yrs, Prostatectomy (4 months post)

“Working in a busy health system, Victoria’s webinar gave my prostatectomy patients a chance to gain further detailed information about erection recovery and all it entails. Thank you Victoria for an informative evidenced based webcast”

- Nurse caring for men with prostate cancer