How likely is Peyronie's Disease after prostate cancer surgery?

On January 30th at 7pm (AEDT) I get to interview Jo Milios, she’s currently crossing the finishing line of a PhD on non-invasive treatment for Peyronies Disease. This a when a fibrous region forms within the erectile tissue of the penis, this then leads to pain and curvature during erection.

I am very excited to pick her brains, especially since the interviews I’ve listened to her do so far have been jam packed with helpful insights.

For example, in a podcast interview I listened to yesterday, Jo gave it to us straight on how likely Peyronie’s Disease is after prostate surgery during erection recovery:

16% of men are likely to develop plaques in their penis while experiencing ED after prostatectomy.

This is much higher than I even realised. There’s a lot that can change sexually after prostate cancer surgery, and the literature puts a lot of focus on the loss of spontaneous erections.

But if 1 in 6 men after surgery are starting to notice lumps in their penis creating a curved erection - I am pretty sure we need to focus on that too.

Listen to this exceptional podcast interview between Jo Milios and Dr. Susie Gronski for more facts on sexual recovery after prostate cancer surgery - 25 minutes onwards gets to the ‘guts to nuts’ of it - personal joke you’ll get after listening!

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Victoria Cullen