Adjusting to life post surgery, a live chat with Alan White

Live interview recorded on Wednesday 3rd April 2019.


We chat about :

  • How Alan dealt with the big changes following prostate cancer surgery.

  • Why he went to see a counsellor and what happened.

  • What happens at prostate cancer support groups and how to find one.


When it comes to prostate cancer, Alan White has been there, done that. In fact, he literally wrote the book, and I am sure he’s got the t-shirt too (so long as it came in a Hawaiian print). He has many strings to his bow. He is a counsellor, Reiki practitioner, group leader of the Bayside-Kingston Prostate Cancer Support Group, and he has spent the past seven years as a Consumer Advocate at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on a Steering Committee developing an online Treatment Decision Aid for men with prostate cancer helping develop an online Treatment Decision Aid for men with prostate cancer. Found out more about Alan’s work and book by visiting The Prostate Zone.