Sex After Prostate Cancer : Live Educational Webinars.

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Webinar Topics.

Getting spontaneous erections back after prostate surgery

Includes an introduction to The Vacurect, Vacuum Erection Device. Recorded September 2018.

Injection Therapy for men with ED

Includes intra-urethral gels therapy, with Tim Stewart. Recorded October 2018.

Exercises to help with ED

Includes why aerobic exercise helps erectile function, with Tom Harris. Recorded December 2018.

Vibrator Masterclass

A guide to couple’s vibrators offered by A Touchy Subject. Recorded December 2018.

Peyronie’s Disease after prostate surgery

Includes how you can prevent and treat PD, with Jo Milios. Recorded February 2019.

How to adjust to sex with ED post surgery

First person account of navigating masculinity and sexuality, with Alan White. Recorded March 2019.

The female perspective on sex post surgery

First person account of what a great sex life can look like when sexual function changes, with Fiona White. Recorded May 2019.

Upcoming Webinars will include…

- Incontinence during sex, what to do about this.
- Talking to patients about sex, a guide for healthcare professionals.
- How to maximise orgasms post surgery.

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