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*** Wednesday 5th June @ 7pm AEST***

  • What do I do now?

Just save the date and time in your calendar - June 5th @ 7pm for 30 minutes.

You will receive an email on the morning of the webinar, and 15 minutes before it starts both with the link to click to enter the webinar room.

You will receive an email the next morning with the webinar replay video.

  • What are these webinars all about?

    There is a big gap in conversation about men’s sexual health, especially when it comes to prostate cancer.

    We want to extract the latest research on promising practical ideas for men, and their partners, who want to take control of their sexual confidence and recovery.

    These webinars are a unique free opportunity to ask the experts your questions (anonymously through an online chatbox).

  • What does a webinar looks like?

    It looks like watching a Youtube video, except it’s happening live, and there is a chatbox next to the video where you can comment and ask questions.

    For example. Here is a screenshot of a members-only webinar I did in December 2018 about how vibrators can be incorporated into rehabilitation and the bedroom after prostate surgery. To the left is a Youtube Live video. To the right is the online chatbox, you can either use your name, stay anonymous, or use a fake name for fun (James Bond even joined us on one occasion).


The webinar concept can be a touch confusing at first, so do not worry if you’re still scratching your head. Please read this blog post ‘What is a Webinar’ and feel free to message Victoria with any questions:

  • How do I get into the Webinar?

    You don’t need any fancy technology, just a wifi signal and an email account. You will receive one website link on the day of the webinar - that’s all you need. This is sent to you in the morning, 1 hour beforehand, and 15 minutes beforehand to make sure you get it.

  • What if I can’t attend the Webinar?

    No worries! We send out the replay to your email the very next morning. If you have a burning question you want to ask the expert, we don’t want you to miss out, so please email Victoria beforehand :

  • I understand the webinar will talk about sexual matters, but how ‘sexual’ is the content?

    I want you to feel completely at ease when you attend the webinar. Knowing what you’re signing up for is a must.

    Here is what you can expect.

    There is absolutely no nudity, and no use of slang or swear words (I occasionally throw in the word ‘bloody’ when my British sensibilities get the better of me). We refer to body parts by the names you’d find on WebMD. I tend to film from a rented corporate office space.

    Probably the best way to get a feel of what’s in store is to watch a past webinar recording. Here is an interview with Alan White from March 2019, we discuss what it was like for Alan adjusting to ED and his concept of ‘the new sexual normal’.