Webinar! FAQs

What even IS a webinar?

A live workshop, that you attend from the comfort of your home.

I use Youtube Live for my Webinars. This is the same as watching a Youtube video - except the video is live, and you can ask anonymous questions in a comments box.

Here is an example :

The webinars are of course are about sex… but how ‘sexual’ is the content?

I want you to feel completely at ease when you attend the webinar. Here is what you can expect.

No nudity, no use of slang or swear words (I occasionally throw in the word ‘bloody’ when my British sensibilities get the better of me), all body parts are referred to by their medical name. The setting for the webinar is not sexual.

Watch this short video where I talk about erection recovery, so that you can decide if this is for you :

Do I need any fancy technology to watch your webinars?

Nope. I am a fan of simplicity and getting to the point. Tech is only magic when it works!

You can watch the webinar on a mobile phone, iPad, or laptop computer. Anything you use to watch Youtube, you can use to watch the Webinar.

If you experience technical turbulence during the workshop I have a friend on deck manning the comments to help.

What if I cannot attend the Webinar?

That’s OK! We will send everyone the recording after the Webinar for keepsake. You can then watch it in your own time.

Of course, if you want to add comments or ask questions during then you must attend the Webinar to do so.

I gave you an email address to sign up to the Webinar… what do you then do with it?

Spam is for eating, so we do not send it to your inbox (and even though, it’s not liked by many!).

You will be emailed reminders before the workshop, and the link and password to attend.

You will be emailed the recording one day after the workshop.

We will also email you asking for feedback, because learning from you is how we decide what to make on A Touchy Subject.

After that you will hear from us when Webinars on similar topics are coming up. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.