We-vibe Match Couples Vibrator

We-vibe Match Couples Vibrator

  • We-vibe Match: Multi-functional pleasure, for all genitals/genders. Alone or with a partner.

  • Medical-grade silicone, USB rechargeable, waterproof, with remote control.


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Why would you use this?

  • Your sexual function has changed and you feel like a few dishes are off the sexual menu. Introducing the We-vibe brings in new possibilities and play.

  • You have undergone prostate cancer surgery and want to add vibration to your erection rehabilitation routine for extra blood flow and sensation facilitation.

  • You have a vagina (congratulations) and you want to experiment with adding sensation externally and internally alone and/or with your partner.

Keep in mind : there are all sorts of myths about vibrators. That they are for women only, or single only, or that they should be shaped a certain way. In the end, a vibrator excites nerve endings in the skin signalling extra pleasure and encouraging blood flow.  I have chosen to recommend this shape and motor because both offer the most adaptability for first time vibrator users. 

What is included?

  • We-vibe match vibrator

  • Remote control

  • USB charging port

  • USB charging lead

  • Silky white travel pouch


How does this work?

1. Charge the vibrator. Two hours charge gives 90 minutes of use.
2. Push the ON button on top of the vibrator. 
3. The shape is very adaptable. It can be 'worn' inside the vagina, with one arm resting outside on the clitoris. It can be used on the penis, it is recommended to use this on the frenulum (underside of the glans) for erection rehabilitation. It can be worn between fingers during partnered play for extra stimulation. 
4. There are 10 speeds and vibration patterns to experiment with. 
5. You turn it off by holding down the ON button for 2-3 seconds. 
6. Wash with soap and water.


What if this doesn’t work?

The product is supplied with a one-year warranty for any defects in manufacture.

Please contact us by email or phone as soon as possible if:

  • Your goods arrive damaged.

  • If you believe there is a manufacturing fault evident during your one-year warranty.

  • If you are having difficulties using this product. Often a few tweaks to technique can make a big difference. 

  • You’ve tried it 8 separate times and it’s just not working.


How is this product delivered?

  • This product is shipped only to Australia. FREE shipping. 3-5 business days.

  • Please contact us if you have special shipping requirements. There is also the option to leave a special note at the check-out.

  • The parcel arrives in an unmarked Oz Post satchel and does not have the product name on the outer packaging.