VED attachments for better results

VED attachments for better results

  • So you bought a vacuum device (‘pump’), but it’s not what you hoped for. The opening is too big, it’s rudely sucked up a testicle, and it doesn’t keep the erection after the tube is removed (even with the flimsy ring it came with).

    Here’s your solution:

  • A soft tapered silicone opening that fits any sized pump, eliminates testicle suck-up and creates a strong seal against the body to stop air escaping the tube (= better results).

  • x4 sizes of silicone tension rings designed for erectile dysfunction.

  • A Touchy Subject exclusive 10-step guide to maximising the pumping experience and outcome (PDF guide sent to your email after purchase)

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This idea all started in my clinical rooms. I was hearing the same problem again and again. 

Men were buying vacuum devices to make erections, from all sources, cheapos from sex shops, right up to the medical-grade monsters, anywhere from 50 to over 500 bucks. 

But no matter the model I would hear the same two problems :

1. "I can see it in the cylinder - then I take the cylinder off - and the ring doesn't keep it up"

A physically and emotionally deflating experience. There is not one ring to rule them all, and most commercially sold rings are not catering to erectile dysfunction or use with a pump.

2. "The opening is too tight and I'm loosing blood flow"

Again - a problem with product size!

Two fundamental design flaws to most pumps on the market have - there is not 'one size fits all'. 

This is as daft as a shoe shop selling one size fits all shoes. 

So, I went on a mission to fix it. The pumps themselves were doing the first part of the job - making an erection - but it was then held captive within the cylinder, like staring into an erection museum. These two parts needing fixing, the opening for a comfortable smooth experience, and the ring afterwards to keep the erection.

I sent a few varieties of medical-grade rings and openings to current clients using a variety of pumps. 

These two attachments were consistently successful. 

To give you an example, here is one client. 47 years old, 6 months after nerve sparring radical prostatectomy. He moves around the country a lot with his job so we did phone consultations and identified he was suffering from 'erection museum' pump syndrome. 

I interviewed him over email afterwards to understand how he used the attachments and what difference it made.

In your words, what was not working with the pump system you were using before I sent you the opening and rings system?

The first time I used it I didn’t have an issue but for some reason I struggled every time after that. I couldn’t even insert it correctly and the more I tried the more frustrated I became. Then when I did get it in the pumping was ok but then there was too much pressure to get it off so I basically had to completely deflate my penis to get it out which really defeated the purpose. The ring that came with the original kit was a good starting point, it was soft silicone with a lot of stretch. But it didn’t keep the blood in and it was too big to fit inside the pump.

Can you tell me the story of what happened when you use the opening and ring system I sent you for the first time? 

When I combined the new opening attachment with lubricant it gave a feeling of entering a vagina as I pumped and my penis enlarged. This helped my sensory perceptions and gave me something for my imagination to run with.

Through a bit of experimentation and trial and error I was able to manoevre the ring into position so that it fitted inside the pump. This allowed me to use the pump while the ring was in place which in turn allowed me to pump more blood back into my penis, essentially replacing what I had lost while moving the ring into position from the base of the pump to the base of my penis. This created an erection that was good enough for initial penetration, I was not expecting to be able to do that!

How is your life different now since our first conversation? What has changed as a result of us being in touch?

My sex life has improved to the point it almost feels back to pre-op normality (with a little kick start injection though). The suggestions you gave in regards to using the pump with the extra attachments you provided, changing my routine and the information about the two types of injections gave me the confidence to try new things, persist with what was working and engage with a professional to discuss injection treatment.

If you sat down a mate about to go through this journey (prostate cancer surgery), what advice would you give him?

That everyone is different, do your research, have a good support network and relax, experiment and enjoy.