Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device System

Vacurect Vacuum Erection Device System

  • No longer getting nocturnal erections? This is your erection ’Gym’ to keep your tissue healthy and stretched.

  • Missing intercourse? This device maintains engorgement with five different constriction sizes.

  • Use on it’s own, or with Viagra/Cialis, or even with injections (this can help prevent pain and improve results).

    • medical-grade FDA-approved in America. TGA certified in Australia.

    • Private health funds may cover some costs (varies between funds). Unbranded packaging. Bank statement will read ‘Victoria TS’.

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Why would you get a Vacuum Erection Device?

Medical Vacuum Devices have been around since the late 1800s to help men get erections. When the pills and injections aren’t working, a VED can connect couples missing the closeness of intercourse. VEDs are also part of the erection rehabilitation menu, recommended in the case of chronic ED (no nocturnal erections) due to nerve trauma after prostatectomy.

‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’ : erection rehab post-Prostatectomy:

Before surgery, you had about 3-5 nocturnal erections in your sleep. We believe this mechanism promotes healthy genitals, the penis taking itself for a jog around the block. During prostate cancer surgery, the nerves surrounding the prostate responsible for spontaneous and nocturnal erections are damaged or traumatised. While these nerves are offline, no nocturnal/spontaneous erections occur. The penis no longer goes for a jog. Studies have shown this lack of activity can lead to damage to the penis tissue, further shrinkage and venous leakage. Then, if the nerves do come back online (a process called ‘neuropraxia’ that can take up to 24 months), the erectile dysfunction could be permanent due to these structural changes. That is what meant by ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’. (Victoria side note: The literature is constantly evolving and erection rehabilitation post-surgery is still a young field of research. I have therefore included highlighted PDFs from 2018 peer-reviewed journal articles below on the latest clinical recommendations).

Vaccum Devices for the more enjoyable side of erection creation:

This device comes with a constriction system to keep the erection after pumping (5 different sizes, because everyone is different). The erection you create in the cylinder will only stick around if tight enough constriction is applied to the base of the shaft. Please note for full transparency: if you do not get spontaneous erections when aroused, do not imagine you will have the same kind of erection you had pre-surgery. This erection is likely to be more engorged but less ‘rigid/stiff’ and can be a purplish colour with a cool sensation (it should not be painful though, and can still be enjoyed alone or with a partner for pleasure- but it will just be different). This device can also easily ‘top up’ results from injections or Viagra (taking some men from a 7/10 to a 10/10 and a lot of smiles!).

I’ve spent 2 years interviewing men about their experiences with vacuum devices. That is how I came to recommend this device above all others due to it’s simplicity and effectiveness, as well as the advice I provide to help you get the results you’re after. My career highlights are when I receive letters and emails (see testimonials below) from customers who could not have intercourse using any other method except this device and ring system. I once had a couple who had sex on their anniversary for the first time in 10 years. (Victoria side note: yes, I have the best job in the world).


What does the medical literature say about vacuum devices?

This is such a young field of research and data is frankly thin on the ground in regards to ‘the best’ recommendation for rehabilitation and reinstating erections for pleasure (side note: one problem might be that there are no studies in regards to sexuality after prostate cancer that I have found that mention the word ‘pleasure’. This is a bigger problem I will likely rant about in my webinars as often as you lovely people will let me!).

Here are the latest Journal articles that I review and update frequently talking about the use of Vacuum Device as an erection strategy.

  1. This article explains how the VED works physiologically to preserve length, prevent fibrosis, maintain an erection for intercourse (and even the preliminary evidence that it can help with Peyronie’s Disease- curvature of the penis, and also for better ouctomes when used before penile implant surgery). This is from the peer-reviewed online Journal of Integrative Nephrology & Andrology, published in 2014.

  2. This short article from 2018 gives an overview on why VEDs are now recommended by the International Consultation on Sexual Medicine early in the postoperative setting to maintain penile length after prostatectomy. This is from the peer-reviewed Journal of Sexual Medicine.

  3. This systematic review examined the safety and efficacy of VED use after prostate surgery. This is from The American Journal of Men’s Health (August 2018).

  4. This is a brilliant overview from 2017 on sexual rehabilitation after prostate cancer treatment. It is rather clinical in nature but highlights recommendations to medical practitioners in regards to length of time erection recovery can take, with an emphasis on the individual nature of people’s function changes after surgery. Part 1 and Part 2.


What is included with this Device?

  • One Vacuum Erection Device (VED/’Pump’). Medical-grade. FDA-approved in America. Brand: Vacurect. It was designed by an South African engineer who had erectile dysfunction himself but wanted a more intuitive system with less faff and attachments. The Vacurect cylinder is see through, the measurements are 1.75 inches (~4.4cm) wide by 8.75 inches (22cm) long.

  • Five different sized silicone ring-openings- the most popular five sizes by Vacurect. These are to create a comfortable base for rehabilitation, and the tighter ones are designed to keep the erection up after pumping. They fit on the device with a simple push, like putting a lid on a coffee cup.

  • One 50ml bottle of water-based lubricant. This is to create a comfortable seal between the body and pump. (In the optional email training course you will learn how to buy the best lubricants for life).

  • Dark blue cotton drawstring travel bag. This is the easiest pump to travel with. Light as a tennis ball. Airport security don’t blink an eyelid (Victoria, the founder of A Touchy Subject, gives talks around Australia. This device never gets questioned through the hand luggage scanner… which is a shame really, because she enjoys practising her talks)

  • Written user manual. One year warranty.


How does this device work?

At first, you would get used to the feel of vacuum pressure and use the device for rehabilitation. Here is what you can expect :

  1. Push an opening onto cylinder.

  2. Apply lubricant on the opening.

  3. Insert penis (flaccid or semi-erect) and push against body.

  4. Move cylinder up and down - slowly, with pauses between pumps (this moves air out the cylinder pulling blood into the penis)

  5. When you’ve made an erection, remove the cylinder from the opening.

  6. If the opening is tight enough it will act like a ring, keeping the erection.

  7. This ring system can stay put for 30 minutes, then must be removed.


Testimonials and Case Studies: “Will this work for me?”

Perhaps the best way to know if this will work for you is to read what others thought.


Here is a case study from a gentleman who purchased the Vacurect in early 2018. He kindly shared his story over an email interview.

What was the problem that you needed help solving?

After a radical prostatectomy in April 2017 I had no spontaneous erections.  In my case there was a further complication.  I have had Peyronie’s disease for about 9 years.  While this doesn’t stop erections per se, it limits expansion both in length and width.

Following surgery a nurse at my urology clinic explained vacuum devices and helped me to try a battery-powered, high-end unit.  It appeared to work but was about $400-500.  Instead, I bought a hand-pump device from an adult shop for about $150.  This worked for the first couple of times to create a modest erection.  The soft silicon ring they sold me to maintain erection once the pump was removed however turned out to be useless.  At first I thought this was due to my Peyronie’s but I now know that was not the problem. The ring is just not up to the job.

Two issues with the ‘store-bought’ item are also important.

  1. Having a long tube off the end of the device is just plain cumbersome and irritating; and,

  2. The particular pumping mechanism was a plunger type and began leaking after about three or four uses.  When I pulled it apart I found that it was using the same principle as an old hand-held pushbike tyre pump, but the materials and machining were so cheap and bad that nothing I could do would make it work to hold a vacuum.  From memory it was about $150 and it had to be junked.

Then I finally got to you. 

What happened when you used the Vacurect VED for the first time?

The Vacurect device proved to be simple, convenient and incredibly effective at creating a better erection both in length and girth than I had experienced in years.  It did not compensate completely for the Peyronie’s but it certainly produced a major improvement over anything that had been naturally occurring in the years prior to surgery.  Over a number of uses I have found that your advice to combine the device with Viagra or its equivalent helps enormously.

More importantly, the rings provided – once I found the right size - proved to be 100% effective at sustaining a prolonged erection for up to 20 minutes after using the device.  The combination of the VED and the cleverly designed ring is both easy to use and superbly effective, especially with a boost from Viagra (although that is not essential).  My partner has been even more delighted than I have.

Thank you for your help and guidance.  I strongly endorse your service and will happily recommend that anyone recovering from surgery, or struggling with erectile dysfunction for any other reason, should seek your support.


We received the Vacurect and we are pleased to report that it works. One practice session and then for real. No messing around! 1 year 10 months post operation! It is much more effective and easier to use than the pumps from the adult shop which didn’t really work for us. Many thanks for your webinar which further opened up discussion. You brought a sense of humour and fun attitude to the occasion and it worked well.” (Peter and Margaret, Melbourne)

"I found your training videos on how to operate the pump very helpful. I am glad that I purchased the pump as it, plus the Viagra, is helping me to maintain a loving relationship with my wife." (66 yrs, 3 yrs post prostatectomy)


What if this doesn’t work?

I am not in the business of selling disappointment.

In fact, I bet you've already tried a few things that haven't worked before you’ve got here.

It’s a windy road finding erection strategies that suit you. Perseverance is key and you will probably have to ‘cobble together’ a few. strategies. At first, it can feel like each time you try you’re getting onto the footy pitch and losing every time. Demoralising.

The mission here is to give you a completely different experience. Ease, confidence and fun.

Our first mission is for you to be able to make an erection in the pump system, then take it down, for a few sets, just like push-ups at the gym. The intention is that this becomes an easy 5-10 minute exercise you do daily/regularly to keep the tissue active and avoid shrinkage.

The second mission - and often, this is the most important one, so we take this as seriously - is for you to be able to maintain the erection you create using a constrictive ring-opening.

Now, the realistic journey to getting there: Studies show it takes 4-8 separate sittings with any VED to get the technique right. So we ask that you try the device 8 separate times. If you have not achieved the two missions after this, please get in touch with Victoria and she will troubleshoot with you over the phone. If after all this it’s not working, A Touchy Subject will refund you the full cost of the device (we will ask that you send the device back to HQ).

Please note this important expectation before purchasing : if you currently do not get spontaneous erections, the VED-created erection WILL be a different kind of erection. Differences include more engorgement, less stiffness or rigidness, sometimes a different sensation, it can be more sensitive, and it may have a purplish tinge. These are all normal outcomes from a vacuum created erection.

The product is also supplied with a one-year warranty for any defects in manufacture.

Please contact us by email or phone as soon as possible if:

  • Your goods arrive damaged.

  • If you believe there is a manufacturing fault evident during your one-year warranty.

  • You have given the device 8 separate goes but it’s not working for you.


How is this product delivered?

  • This product is shipped within Australia (FREE SHIPPING) and New Zealand (+ $10 SHIPPING). 3-5 business days.

  • Please contact us if you have special shipping requirements. There is also the option to leave a special note at the check-out.

  • The parcel arrives in an unmarked Oz Post satchel and does not have the product name on the outer packaging.

  • Your credit card or bank statement will read ‘Victoria TS’


Can I claim any of this back on private health insurance?

This is a medical-grade device with TGA certification in Australia. Your health fund therefore may cover some of the costs of this purchase, depending on what extras you have, and this varies from fund to fund. It is best to call your fund beforehand to ask if your policy will cover a vacuum erection device.

Please keep in mind that every fund is different in how it processes claims so we cannot make any suggestions around whether your fun will give you money back.

Here is some general advice on what might help your claim:

- It might help to provide your fund with a referral letter for a medical-grade vacuum erection device from your GP or urologist. Ask them to make it very clear what the purpose of a vacuum erection device is as the funds themselves sometimes do not have a category for this particular device.

- If your claim is rebuffed, call up your fund to ask why, sometimes they need further information about the product. If this is the case myself or your referring practitioner may be able to help.



Before purchasing, please ask your urologist or healthcare provider whether a vacuum erection device is right for you. Nothing stated here should be interpreted as medical advice replacing the advice of your healthcare provider. In particular, those with the following medical conditions should consult their physician before use:

- Decreased sensation or pain in the area of the penis

- Peyronie’s Disease (Men with PD can benefit from the use of VED, however every case of PD is different depending on where the bend occurs. Therefore please ask your urologist about this option before purchasing).

- Priapism

- Sickle Cell Anemia

- Abnormal blood clotting

- The use of blood thinning medication such as Warfarin

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