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Interview with Tim Stewart, Injection Therapist.

To get in touch with Tim or to make an appointment, please email info@menshealthdownunder.com.au or phone (02) 6288 1867. 


We received the Vacurect and we are pleased to report that it works. One practice session and then for real. No messing around! 1 year 10 months post operation! It is much more effective and easier to use than the pumps from the adult shop which didn’t really work for us”. - (Peter and Margaret, Post-prostatectomy, Melbourne)

You miss intercourse, but the pills don’t work, and you’d rather a non-invasive option that is easy, effortless and fun as alternative to injections (or… with injections for less pain and extra oomf!)

The Vacurect device is a 2-step, 2-minute process to create an erection.

Extra benefit: it can be used for daily rehabilitation in the case of chronic ED. The clinical literature suggests this helps prevent shrinkage, fibrosis and Peyronie’s Disease.

Here’s an email we got from Jeff a week after he received the Vacurect:

“I must say WOW..KACHING..BINGO..YIPPEE!!!! First attempt at using the new pump and fantastic result straight UP! Pardon the pun haha.. I maintained a suitable erection to have a quick impromptu interlude!”
(Jeff, VIC, 51yrs, 19 months post-prostatectomy)

But, I can imagine you have hesitations about trying yet another erection strategy.

It’s difficult to find something that works first time round with any erection strategy. And it’s a demoralising, disappointing feeling when you don’t get the results you were hoping for.

So, to make sure you get the fun, effortless experience you want, when you buy the Vacurect you are invited into an exclusive member’s club of pumpers. We meet monthly online via a private Webinar with sexology experts to discuss all aspects of VED use and how to maintain fulfilling sexuality and intimacy with ED. This webinar is driven by your questions. This membership lasts for 6 months. You can attend these webinars at any point for new ideas or to get your burning questions answered.