Maintaining and Lubricating

How do I clean the Vacurect vacuum device?

Easily. The Vacurect only needs a gentle clean with soap and warm water. You could clean it in the shower with you for extra ease (you can also use The Vacurect in the shower too, a simple way to incorporate rehab into your daily routine). It does not need taking apart to clean and I do not recommend taking it apart unless it needs deep cleaning (if you take it apart it can be quite fiddly to put back together- please watch this video if you are doing this).

When am I supposed to use the silicone oil to maintain it?

Rarely. The Vacurect device comes with a small bottle of silicone oil in case the mechanism starts to stick. But don’t worry too much about this. Keep it in a safe ‘just in case’ draw. The Vacurect is designed to be easy to maintain so the oil is only for emergencies. If you lose the oil and want to use it, you can use silicone lubricant- recommended anyway as a household essential because it’s rather fantastic.

Can I use any and all lubricants with this products?

In general, it is not recommended to use silicone-based lubricants with silicone-based products. Silicone lubricant can degrade the surface of silicone products. The opening on the Vacurect is silicone.

So only use a water-based lubricant with the Vacurect, or, a Hybrid lubricant (made of 12% silicone, not enough to degrade silicone products).

What about when I run out of the Vacurect lubricant provided with the pump?

Once the Vacurect lubricant runs out we recommend buying ‘Lifestyle’ water-based lube by Ansell.

It’s a good price, not too runny, and one customer commented that this does not fog up the cylinder as much as other brands he tried. You can purchase this lubricant in most supermarkets or online through the links in the Lube Guide.

How does the device work?

Two steps. The device is placed over the shaft, you can do this semi-erect or flaccid. By ‘pumping’ up and down, air leaves the cylinder, this causes negative pressure. This creates the erection in the cylinder. If the opening is tight enough, the erection with stay up. But, a tight opening is not required for rehabilitation. See this video- Exercise One: Rehabilitation.