Sex without erections

What you need to know:

  • This course has focused on you getting a great erection using a vacuum device… but let’s not forget the bigger picture, erection is not the same as sex. And I would be a pretty dismal sexuality researcher if I did not also share what I’ve learnt about sexuality in the context of no erections.

  • A lot of men (find a way of showing this) have great sex without erections. For some men, the journey into life without erections brings a different focus to their sex life that is more enjoyable. A couple of studies on sex after prostate cancer have shown this.

  • Asking the question: ‘what is sex or what could our sex life be?’ is the best first question to ask. Take it back to basics. If you were going to take a pizza back to basics you would nail a calprese

Questions I get asked:

The problem is without an erection the menu has gone from here… to here.

We’ve never done anything other than penetrative intercourse before.

What to do next:

  • Values Exercise to start conversations about what sex is and can be.

  • Menu of sexual dishes you could try, circle what you are interested in trying together.

  • Sensate Focus, taking erections off the table and going back to touch.

  • Book- Joan Price: Sex after 50.