Vacuum Erection Device : THE VACURECT ($275.00 + $16 shipping)


  • Effective for daily rehab, and also intercourse.

    The Vacurect can be used for 5-15 minutes of daily rehabilitation. Daily rehab refers to moving oxygenated blood in and out the penile tissue. This prevents fibrosis and shrinkage, which in turn aids spontaneous recovery. The constriction system means you can also make a useable erection for intercourse or solo enjoyment (there are five different sized constriction rings provided).

    “First attempt at using the Vacurect and fantastic result straight UP! Pardon the pun haha..” (Jeff, 51 yo, 1 yr post prostatectomy)

  • The best vacuum device to travel with.

I have the most well-travelled Vacurect in Australia due to regularly flying off to give conference talks on sexual rehabilitation. Despite this, my hand luggage has never been stopped and searched (no matter how much I want them to - it would give me a chance to practice my presentation!). The Vacurect is light as an empty water bottle (and looks like a wine bottle aerator!)

  • Includes lubricant, travel bag, five sizes of constriction ring - and an exclusive A Touchy Subject training series.

You get everything you need to get started by purchasing the Vacurect through A Touchy Subject. Lubricant, five constriction rings, written instructions, a travel bag - and even an exclusive 4-week email training series delivered to your inbox. This gives you a new idea every week on how to use the Vacurect to enhance your spontaneous erection recovery. You cannot find this training series anywhere else.

The Vacurect training emails gave me some promise of doing something positive towards returning to sexual function" (3 mnths post prostatectomy)


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Vibrator : THE WE-VIBE ($199.00 + Free Shipping)


  • Be an erection rehab pioneer!

In 2013, a Danish researcher (Dr. Michael Fode) investigated whether men using a vibrator device regularly after prostate surgery affected their erection recovery. He asked 68 men to use a vibrator every day focused on the frenulum (underside of penis head), and compared to 38 men who just received ‘usual care’. The results are very intriguing…

“erectile function was better in the treatment group (those using a vibrator) at all time points following prostate surgery” (Dr. Fode, watch video here)

I have some ‘erection rehab’ pioneers in the Member’s Club who are using The We-Vibe Match to replicate the study and see what happens. The frequency and ‘heart-beat’ motion of the vibrator mimics the vibration device used in the study. Success with this method is not immediate. But combining with a rehabilitation routine using the pump seems encouraging. One pioneer sent me this in an email recently:

“I’m now achieving a good reaction to the vibrations combined with lubricant, the result is similar to what I had using a pump and ring” (70 yr old gentleman, 18 months post surgery)

  • Enjoy a new sexual experience with your partner that doesn’t depend on ‘performance’.

    Many couples experience sudden sexual function changes during their lifetime, whether from cancer treatment, menopause, or new medication. This can be a window of opportunity to expand the sexual menu and try new ways of experiencing pleasure and closeness together. The We Vibe stimulates external nerve-endings giving couples the option of enjoying a sex session together based on pleasure, but not ‘performance’. Hold it in the palm of your hand, use it for genital massage, or even ‘wear’ it (watch the video above for more ideas). Probably the best follow-up email I received from a customer simply said this:

“Where have we been for the last 40 years!!!” (couple, 3 months post surgery)

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