The We-Vibe Match
(Christmas Vibrator Pick!)


Adding vibration (to the menu of sensation)
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  • This is a pleasure tool for both men and women - solo and partnered.

  • Also, an erection rehabilitation tool to increase blood flow.

  • Easy to incorporate into intercourse.

  • Medical-grade silicone, USB rechargeable, waterproof, and comes with a remote control.

Why would someone want to buy this device?

There are thousands of vibrators out there, so why is this one our Christmas pick?

  • If your sexual function has changed recently it is common for orgasm to take a bit longer, you may also be discovering how to experience pleasure without erections. It might even feel like a few dishes are off the sexual menu. The We-vibe is a new dish on the menu that heightens sensation and gives both you and your partner options for pleasure.

  • If you’re putting together an erection rehabilitation routine, then adding vibration can help encourage blood flow, it can help turn rehabilitation from a chore into a time out you look forward to.

  • You have a vagina (congratulations!) this is a great first time vibrator. The curved shape makes it easy to hold in the palm of the hand for external stimulation, you can experience both internal and external stimulation at the same time, and you can ‘wear’ it during sexual play.


‘but I heard only single women use these, and shouldn’t it be shaped a bit more up-and-down?’

There are all sorts of myths about vibrators out there.

It’s normal to think this because of the image the media has painted of sex toys. Until there’s a professional development course on the First Principles of Sexual Products (just give me time…) the media tends to be where we pick up messages about sex toys that seem like they must be true.

However, I’ve found through my work and research that frankly, these myths are not true.

Fundamentally, a vibrator is simply an object with a motor that vibrates with the intention of giving pleasure. When placed against the skin at a vibration frequency the body receives as pleasurable, nerve endings in the skin send these signals of pleasure to the brain. The brain then ignites a chain of events increasing this feeling of pleasure: blood flows to the area being stimulated, mental focus and attention hone in on that area. This positive feedback loop can build to an orgasm, or simply remain as a pleasurable experience.

So vibrators are not gendered, or even created for one body part in mind. They’re simply a tool for fun and pleasure, and it all then comes down to how you decide to use it. 


What is included?

  • We-vibe match vibrator

  • Remote control

  • USB charging port

  • USB charging lead

  • Silky white travel pouch

  • One sachet of water-based lubricant by Pjur.


How does this work?

1. Charge the vibrator. Two hours charge gives 90 minutes of use.
2. Push the ON button on top of the vibrator. 
3. The shape is very adaptable. It can be 'worn' inside the vagina, with one arm resting outside on the clitoris, the other arm pressed up against the inner wall of the vagina. It can also be used on the penis, it tends to be particularly effective on the frenulum (underside of the glans). It can be worn between fingers during partnered play for extra stimulation (think: bionic pleasure hand upgrade). 
4. There are 10 speeds and vibration patterns to find the speeds and sensations that your body responds to most. 
5. You turn it off by holding down the ON button for 2-3 seconds. 
6. Wash with soap and water (the we-vibe is non-porous and completely waterproof)


What if this doesn’t work for me?

The product is supplied with a one-year warranty for any defects in manufacture.

Expect any new pleasure product to take a few tries to get the hang of. It’s normal at first to find it a bit clunky and awkward to introduce into solo or partnered sex. Like learning to ride a bike for the first time, the mind is very active in order to figure out how to get into flow with the new sensations. As the experience becomes familiar it will be easier to get more ‘into your body’ (less thinking, more feeling).

Please contact us if:

  • Your goods arrive damaged.

  • If you believe there is a manufacturing fault evident during your one-year warranty.

  • If you are having difficulties using this product. Often a few tweaks to technique can make a big difference and we are happy to help via email communication.