UroStop : How to overcome Climacturia (incontinence during sex)

The Uroloop is a lasso style constriction ring. It was designed to help men prevent Climacturia (incontinence occurring during sexual activity).

It is estimated 20-40% of men post Prostatectomy will experience Climacturia at some point on their post-op journey.

How does the UroStop work? 

The UroStop is a variable tension loop that is intended to stop leaking of urine at the time of orgasm or during sexual arousal. The device provides variable circumferential penile compression to the urethra (urine channel) while maintaining blood flow to the penis. The UroStop is re-usable so you only need to buy it once.

The user can easily change the variable tension of the device. This means that enough pressure is exerted on the urethra (the urine tube) to prevent leakage, but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable.

The Urostop is best placed directly over the urethra at the base of the penis when erect.

You are probably wondering - Will the UroStop work for me?

A medical trial through the British Journal of Urology in 2012 evaluated 124 men with sexual incontinence following radical Prostatectomy who used the UroStop.

The results are very encouraging. Almost 50% of men were completely dry using the device during sexual activity, and the remaining patients experienced incontinence rarely or occasionally. Notably, ‘distress about sex’ levels were significantly reduced for both patients and their partners when using the UroStop.

It is worth noting that while the UroStop is best used with an erection - the study instructed their participants as follows : ‘All patients were instructed to apply the penile loop during sexual stimulation, once they had achieved the best quality erection achievable by them.’

They noted that 86% of men were using intracavernosal injections to achieve erections. So do not be discouraged if you do not have the 10/10 erections you had pre-surgery, most men in this study were likely working with whatever they could achieve with their respective erection aids.

There were no adverse side effects reported from the study.

Read the full study here.

Does the UroStop also help maintain erections?

The UroStop is not intended to help men maintain erections the way restrictive rings do (such as the tighter openings of The Vacurect).

The most common person who benefits is someone post-Prostatectomy who can achieve some erectile function (including from the use of erections aids).

Cost in Australian Dollars : $36.84
Shipping to Australia: Free. 7-10 days to arrive. Arrives in a discreet flat envelope.
Material : soft silicone (latex free)

Victoria Cullen