What you can do about penis shrinkage after Prostatectomy (penis sleeves and hollow strap on devices)

Many men lose penile length and girth after prostate surgery.

Penile rehabilitation can help in the long run to regain length and prevent further shrinkage, but what can you do in the meantime?

There are sexuality products designed to add length/girth to the penis for intercourse.

The benefits of using an extension device are

  • To add a sense of fullness for your partner (if that’s what they like, everyone is different when it comes to the intercourse sensations they enjoy).

  • Add more sensation to the penis, especially when a pleasure optimised long lasting lubricant is used between the device and skin.

Here are two categories of extenders:

Penis Sleeves

These tend to be made of soft stretchy material designed to fit over an erect penis to add girth and length. In the design below the strap fits under the testicles and you would place the sleeve over the penis like a condom, they are often ribbed on the outside to offer an extra sensation. The downsides to sleeves is quality. I haven’t yet found one on the market made from 100% body safe materials. The sex toy industry is unfortunately unregulated and unless I can be sure I trust a brand and their materials I am reluctant to offer it. Also, I’m unsure how stiff the erection needs to be for this to be a good experience, and stiffness often varies after Prostatectomy even when using an erection aid.


Hollow Prosthesis (strap on)

An external prosthesis (yes, I am using the fancy medical term for ‘a strap on’) is a bit easier to find with good materials. The brand Perfect Fit are on my radar as their range is made with silicone and the design below can be used with a flaccid penis. The penis fits either inside the prosthesis (dildo) if it is hollow (Perfect Fit offer a few options). Or, your genitals can rest outside of the device through the gap under the dildo.

Perfect Fit Strap On

Perfect Fit Strap On

I have a favour to ask!

This inspiration for this article came from a member of the PCFA online community board. (Many thanks to another PCFA member who reached out to me with the question citing this source).

The gentleman on the forum specifically asked if any men had tried a penis sleeve and if they help.

It’s a great question. There is nothing more valuable than a review from someone who is in your situation. In fact, I only offer products through A Touchy Subject that have been thoroughly tested by my members and clients, as well as passing design and materials quality control.

So therefore, to make this article a lot more useful for the gentleman who asked the questions and others, I have a favour to ask…

Have you tried a penis sleeve or strap on device and would be willing to share your experience?

Would you like to try one in exchange for feedback so the ATS community can know if they’re any good?

Please message me (Victoria) at victoria@atouchysubject.com with your answers.

Victoria Cullen