Are Penile Injections or Viagra the only way to have penetrative sex after prostate surgery?

Is intercourse possible after Prostate Surgery?

I’ve had many client consultations focused on one challenge:

To create erections for intercourse.

There are infinite ways to enjoy sexuality, intimacy and pleasure, regardless of sexual function. Or as one of my client’s put it: ‘being a conductor of a sex band rather than just playing one musical stick'

But if you loved the feelings and experience created through intercourse pre-Prostate Treatment, then of course you’re wondering if you can create that again.

The short answer is yes. Many couples do find a way to have intercourse after Prostate Treatment, once they find a way to create erections.

You might have already been told that injections (Trimix/Caverject) or pills (Viagra/Cialis) are options to try.

But for a variety of reasons these options might not work or appeal to you.

Here are THREE other options to consider.

  1. Vacuum Erection Devices - With Construction Rings.

  • Non-invasive, it works by drawing blood into the penis through vacuum pressure technology.

  • The key to using this for intercourse is the constriction system - you MUST have a ring-type mechanism that stops blood flowing out of the erection.

  • Expect an erection different to what you had spontaneously pre-treatment. It might not be as stiff, it might hang downwards rather than straight up, it might have a purplish tinge. But many couples find this a simple, easy, satisfying erection they can use for intercourse.

  • The erection you create using a pump and ring must be released after 30 minutes to allow oxygenated blood to flow again.

The Vacuum Pump I highly recommend is The Vacurect with 10 rings to make sure you find a constriction size that fits you best. Purchase here.

2. A Vibrator (yes, there are vibrators for men!)

  • Non-invasive, believed to help the natural erection process by stimulating erection nerves (and facilitating blood flow and sensation, also important components for spontaneous erections)

  • Note: everyone gets very different results, rarely works on the first go. Expect progress over time, not instantaneous results.

  • For best results, focus the vibration on the frenulum, which is the underside of the penis.

  • A tool for sexual connection and orgasms even without erections.

The vibrator we recommend is the We-Vibe Match. It’s versatile, discreet and fits in the palm of the hand. Purchase here.

3. Prosthesis: Internal - and External.

  • An internal prosthesis involves a surgical procedure to insert a device inside the body that you ‘pump’ up. I recommend speaking to your urologist about a referral to a specialist surgeon if that appeals to you.

  • An external prosthesis refers to wearing a harness with an insertable ‘dildo’ attached. These are available in lots of different sizes and different materials. I recommend making sure you invest in a medical grade soft silicone. You might also want to look into penis sleeves and hollow-strap-ons.

  • There is a fascinating case study about how an external prosthesis can be successfully used after prostate treatment that you can read here.

Want more information about sexuality options after prostate treatment? Check out A Touchy Subject’s Youtube channel.

Victoria Cullen