Why would someone go see a Psychologist after prostate surgery?

‘I found it very difficult and dark at times… you cannot be too brave when it comes to this’

These were Martin’s words at the end of our video interview about his experience seeing a psychologist. They gave me the chills because I know how many clients I’ve seen who don’t get why seeing a psychologist could help them. And why would they? When the GP suggests it as an idea, I know a few men who’ve respond with:

‘but the problems down here, not up here! What’s talking going to do about it?’

Martin says is best when he talks about prostate cancer affecting the mind as well as the body. Recovery has to involve the whole person, and it is very common to find the big sudden changes that can occur after treatment difficult to deal with at times.

Everyone is different of course, so this is in no way an endorsement that everyone should see a psychologist. I often wonder how many men and their partners are missing out on a piece of the puzzle that could help simply because they don’t know what’s involved.

To get an idea of what seeing a psychologist is like and why you might consider it, listen to Martin and Heather talk about their experience by clicking the video below…


Victoria Cullen