Case Study: From 'sex shop pump' to Vacurect.

Here is a case study from one of my first clients to purchase The Vacurect in early 2018.

He is a 69 year old gentleman and the commercial director of a medical clinic, I was therefore truly grateful and humbled to have his feedback of the product and service provided.

For anyone who is currently struggling with a store bought ‘pump’ device - hopefully this sheds light on some of the issues and why I endorse the Vacurect instead.

Why did you book an appointment with me? What was the problem that you needed help solving?

After a radical prostatectomy in April 2017 I had no spontaneous erections.  In my case, there was a further complication.  I have had Peyronie’s disease for about 9 years.  While this doesn’t stop erections per se, it limits expansion both in length and width.

Following surgery a nurse at my urology clinic explained vacuum devices and helped me to try a battery-powered, high-end unit.  It appeared to work but was about $400-500. 

Instead, I bought a hand-pump device from an adult shop for about $150. 

This worked for the first couple of times to create a modest erection.  However, the soft silicon ring they sold me (to maintain erection once the pump was removed) turned out to be useless.  At first I thought this was due to my Peyronie’s but I now know that was not the problem. The ring is just not up to the job

Two issues with the ‘store-bought’ item are also important.

  1. Having a long tube off the end of the device is just plain cumbersome and irritating; and,

  2. The particular pumping mechanism was a ‘plunger’ type and began leaking after about three or four uses.  When I pulled it apart I found that it was using the same principle as an old hand-held pushbike tyre pump, but the materials and machining were so cheap and bad that nothing I could do would make it work to hold a vacuum. 

It eventually had to be chucked.

Then. I finally got to your service. 

What happened when you used the Vacurect Vacuum Device for the first time?

The Vacurect device proved to be simple, convenient and incredibly effective at creating a better erection both in length and girth than I had experienced in years. 

It did not compensate completely for the Peyronie’s but it certainly produced a major improvement over anything that had been naturally occurring in the years prior to surgery.  Over a number of uses I have found that your advice to combine the device with Viagra or its equivalent helps enormously.

More importantly, the rings provided – once I found the right size - proved to be 100% effective at sustaining a prolonged erection for up to 20 minutes after using the device.  The combination of the VED and the cleverly designed ring is both easy to use and superbly effective, especially with a boost from Viagra (although that is not essential). 

My partner has been even more delighted than I have!

Thank you for your help and guidance.  I strongly endorse your service and will happily recommend that anyone recovering from surgery, or struggling with erectile dysfunction for any other reason, should seek your support.

You can learn more about The Vacurect device here.

image kindly provided for free by Nghia Le

Victoria Cullen