Can you use a pump and injections... at the same time?

‘Cobbling together’ is the approach most of my clients end up applying to get the assisted erections they want ( or ‘erection creation’, it has a better ring to it in my opinion… there is indeed a pun in there, 10 points if you got it).

What does cobbling together mean?

It’s rare I meet any client who has had 10/10 success with just pills, just injections, just a vibrator, or just a pump. There tends to be a ‘recipe’ that works for every individual on that ‘onwards and upwards’ mission.

Rather than just taking a viagra and setting the mood, many men (through a process of trial and error over time) work out what high notes on top of that baseline help them get to the 10/10 they are hoping for.

For example, this might include adding a pleasure-facilitating lubricant like Uberlube, then a bit of a pump, then a constriction ring on the base for good measure (or, using The Vacurect model we recommend does the pump and constriction process in one)

One cobbling together method I heard of recently was using a vacuum device (‘pump’) after using an injection.

I contacted Tim Stewart (our pharmacy wizard) for his thoughts on using a vacuum device after injecting. He replied :

“Regarding the pump post-injection, that is absolutely fine to do and can be helpful for some. I would just be sure to encourage the patient to give a good firm massage (right from the pelvis all the way up to the glans) for 10-15 minutes after the injection to distribute the medication and get the blood pumping. This should at least give some response, and then the pump could get them over the line.” (Tim Stewart, Canberra based pharmacists/injection therapist).

Interested in learning more about injections for erections? Watch our webinar interview with Tim here.

Victoria Cullen