What are the side effects of using a vacuum erection device ('penis pump')?

We call it ‘non-invasive’ as a way of creating erections (as opposed to injections or pills) - but can anything go a bit wrong?

Here are the potential ‘side effects’ and how to avoid them.

  1. Penis blister. Remember, it’s not an air mattress. If you ‘pump’ too quickly blood rushes in and this can pop a vessel causing a surface level blister. It will subside with time and should not cause any permanent damage but the best medicine is definitely prevention here. Go slow when you pump. Leave a few seconds/breaths in between each ‘pump’.

  2. Bruising around the base of the penis when using a constriction ring. This is only likely from very regular use of a very tight ring. The ring of course has to be very tight to stop blood flowing out of the penis. One session of a tight ring with a couple of days before the next session should not cause bruising. If you are noticing bruising or soreness, you may still be on that Golidlocks search for a ring that’s not too loose or too tight, get in touch if you’d like advice.

    IMPORTANT : ALWAYS remove the ring after 30 minutes of wearing it to oxygenate the penis again. Also note - you do not need to use a tight ring and maintain the erection when using a pump device for rehabilitation.

  3. Frustration and throwing-the-thing-against-the-bathroom-wall-itis. This is the most common side effect for first time pumpers, especially if they weren’t given instructions or purchased a generic pump. Most urologists suggest that it can take 4-8 attempts to get the technique to pumping with any device. However, it is our mission here to reduce that. That’s why the VED we recommend (the Vacurect) comes with email tuition as well as written instructions.

Victoria Cullenpopular