You lose 2000 of these a year during recovery...

I just listened to this exceptional podcast interview between Jo Milios and Dr. Susie Gronski. Both men’s health physios and passionate about delivering frank conversation.

While I was listening I had a ‘pause, rewind’ moment at this moment (about 25 minutes in):

When men do not have nocturnal erections anymore (for example, after prostate surgery due to nerve trauma) they lose out on 2000 erections a year.

This blew my mind. We are still in the theory stage around what function nocturnal erections serve in the human body. However, those who study erection rehabilitation (such as Dr. Patrick Lumbroso**) believe it is ‘housekeeping’. Sort of like the body taking the genitals for a jog around the park every night to keep them fit and healthy.

This is why it is recommended that when you no longer get those 2000 a year, that you take your own genitals for a jog.

You can do this via erection-inducing options such as injections, or using a vacuum device (best method for daily use). Even good old handy masturbation helps with blood flow, and any cardiovascular exercise such as running also plays a part.

I highly recommend listening to the podcast and joining myself and Jo Milios on January 30th for a live webinar discussion about curvature after surgery, we will be taking your questions.

** Dr. Lumbroso sadly passed away last year, I want to acknowledge that he contributed exceptional research and helped many men with their sexual recovery after prostate cancer treatment. I am personally grateful for him inspiring my own work and research.

Victoria Cullen