Why I only sell the Vacurect VED...


I have been on a mission…

Over 2017 and 2018, I’ve been giving sexual function consultations to A/Prof Declan Murphy’s patients post robotic prostatectomy.

I introduce them to their options for sexual rehabilitation. I match make them to solutions around what works for their sex life and function requirements.

One option I felt needed major improvements was the vacuum device option.

On paper the benefits sound pretty promising. Non-invasive, creates an erection in less than 5 minutes, no need for arousal/timing around food, can be used for rehabilitation as well as fun, and prevents shrinkage/brings back size lost from prostate surgery… what a list!

However, it was curious how few of these devices seemed to really ‘work’. There was a lot that could go wrong. The opening needed to be the right size to avoid testicle-suck-up (wincing is the correct response), if the ring was the wrong size the erection would not stay up after pumping, and most of these devices didn’t come with instructions!

In fact, I started to get booked for appointments with men who were desperate to simply troubleshoot the devices they had spent hundreds of dollars on.

There had to be one device that simply worked. I scanned the market with my sex toy design hat on. The cheaper sex shop variety pumps were not designed for men with erectile dysfunction. The expensive medical-grade variety came with more ring sizes and appropriate openings, however they also tended to be heavy, bulky, and available in one colour- ‘bedroom beige’. Not exactly the discretion my clients hoped for.

The video above explains what happened when I discovered the Vacurect. Medical-grade, mid-range price, but a completely different and innovative design.

Can’t watch the video? Here’s the gist:

- This device was designed by a man who had chronic erectile dysfunction. He lived in South Africa and wanted a more intuitive device, being a creative engineer he made his own!

- I sent this device to a handful of clients who had tried everything on the market. The results were smashing. One man even found he could use it one-handed every morning over a cup of tea creating an erection in less than 5 minutes

- It is light-weight, easy to clean, no attachments, an ‘intuitive’ pumping motion, looks like a kitchen appliance rather than ‘a penis pump’.

Victoria Cullenpopular